Empanelment of Individuals as Trainers/ Organisations as training providers.

Webel Informatics Limited (WIL) invites trainers / Training providers to deliver training programs in the following topics

1. Arduino
2. Raspberry Pi
3. Artificial Intaligence
Machine Learning
5. Digital marketing
6. Data Analytics
7. Embedded Technology,
8. IoT

Empaneled trainers would be assigned jobs as per requirement on as and when needed basis. Only those trainers having specialized qualification on the subject applied for will be considered. Prior experience of designing / delivering of training will be preferred. Applicants are also required to quote their charges for imparting the training at hourly basis or cours fees sharing basis or on contractual basis through 3rd party .

Applications are to be submitted their applications at the WIL office by 2nd March 2019 upto 2pm.

After the screening of applications, selected trainers will be informed by WIL.


Sourav Sinha
Assistant Manager
Webel Informatics Limited
225 F, AJC Bose Road, 4th Floor,
Phone – 033-22833567/68