Webel introduces ONLINE CLASSES on the following courses:

Course NameDurationFeesCourse Overview
Mobile Application Development (MAD) 40 Hours Rs.10000/- Ionic Cordova, Node JS, PostgreSQL
Oracle Database Maintenance (ODM) 20 Hours Rs.4000/- SQL, DDL, DML, DCL, TCL
Python Programming (PP) 30 Hours Rs.3000/- Basic constructs, OOPs, Functions, Modules, File Handling, Exception handling, API
RHCE (RHCE) 40 Hours Rs.10000/- RH124,RH134,RH254 - Shell basics, User/Group Management, Permisions, Disk Managements, Services, Remote Access
CCNA (CCNA) 40 Hours Rs.10000/- Network beginning, Switching, Routing, Wireless Essentials, Enterprise Networking, Security and Automation.
Advanced Excel (AE) 20 Hours Rs.4000/- Advanced Data Formatting, Advanced Formulae, Advanced Data Analysis
C & C++ Programming (CCPP) 30 Hours Rs.3000/- Input Output, Branch Control, Loop Control, Array, Function, Structure, File Handling, OOPs Concept
Core Java Programming (CJP) 20 Hours Rs.3000/- OOPs Concept, Basic Java constructs, String handling, Collection framework, Multithreading, Exception handling
Web Development using PHP Technology (WDPHPT) 40 Hours Rs.6000/- PHP, MySQL
Web Development using Dot Net Technology (WDDNT) 40 Hours Rs.6000/- C#.Net, ASP.Net, SQL Server
* GST @18% will be added on above Course Fees

For further query on above Courses please contact:

For CoursesContact PersonMobile No.WhatsApp No.E-mail Address
OA, AEMr. A Ray98307205199830720519[email protected]
RHCE, PythonMr. P Prodhan9339192066 8100234555[email protected]
CCNAMr. S Ghosh78724145439831311718[email protected]
MAD, ODM, CCPP, CJP, WDPHPT, WDDNTMr. A Upadhyay94333373439433337343[email protected]