RedHat Courses

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Being the OLDEST RedHat Certified Training Partner at Eastern India since more than 11 years ONLY we can provide rock solid training on RedHat Platforms. Due to heavy demand (specially for working professionals)

All RedHat courses are 100% practical oriented and conducted at our multiple world class Linux Dedicated Labs. All Linux student computers have 8-16GB RAM, high-speed quad/octa core processor, Typing friendly TVSGold Keyboards to speedup entry, High-resolution big screen to handle multiple virtual systems with ease in well cooled silent room in isolated Gigabit  netwok.

Due to our heavy hardware compatibility with RedHat Enterprise Linux (vers. 3/4/5/6/7) we conducted Eastern India's First RedHat Instructor Training Program on RHEL7.

We conduct Below mentioned RedHat Courses while trainings are provided by our Instructors or by RedHat Instroctors.

RedHat Courses:
RH124: RedHat System Administration - I
RH134: RedHat System Administration - II
RH254: RedHat System Administration - III
RH199: Rapid Track RedHat System Administration
EX200: RedHat Certified System Administrator exam
RH299: Rapid Track RedHat Certified System Engineer
EX300: RedHat Certified System Engineer exam
RH236: RedHat Gluster Storage
More coming up....