RedHat Courses

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Being the OLDEST RedHat Certified Training Partner at Eastern India since 2002 - ONLY we can provide rock solid training on RedHat Platforms. Due to heavy demand (specially for working professionals)

All RedHat courses are 100% practical oriented and conducted at our multiple world class Linux Dedicated Labs. All Linux student computers have 8-16GB RAM, high-speed quad/octa core processor, Typing friendly TVSGold Keyboards to speedup entry, High-resolution big screen to handle multiple virtual systems with ease in well cooled silent room in isolated Gigabit  netwok.

Due to our heavy hardware compatibility with RedHat Enterprise Linux (vers. 3/4/5/6/7) we conducted Eastern India's First RedHat Instructor Training Program on RHEL7.

We conduct Below mentioned RedHat Courses while trainings are provided by our Instructors or by RedHat Instroctors.

Major RedHat Courses:
RH124: RedHat System Administration - I
RH134: RedHat System Administration - II
RH294: RedHat System Automation

Contact for other RedHat Course details.