Diploma in Desk Top Publishing

    o Duration: 120 Hours.
    o Course Fees: Rs. 4,800/- (Rs. 2,000/-+ Rs. 700/- x 2) + Taxes.
    o Eligibility: 10+2.
    o Course Contents in Brief: Computer Fundamentals & OS, Word Processor, PageMaker, CorelDraw, Photoshop, Typing in Regional Fonts (hindi, Bengali, English).

Diploma in Desk Top Publishing Details

1. Computer fundamental
  o What is Computer?
  o Utilities & Advantages of using Computers.
  o Basic Operations performed by a Computer.
  o Basic Organizations of a Computer (Hardware, Software, Firmware).
  o Block Diagram of a PC.
  o Number System (in brief).
  o Memory (ROM & RAM)
  o Secondary Storage Device (Floppy & Hard Disk).
  o Keyboard, Monitor & Printer.
  o Operating System.
  o Booting & its utility.

2. OS
  o Introduction to DOS
  o Internal DOS Commands
  o Relative Pathname
  o External Commands
  o I/O Re-Direction
  o Printer Handling
  o Batch File

3. Windows
  o Introduction and Study Between DOS & Windows.
  o Introduction to Input Device under Windows Environment (Mouse and Keyboard)
  o Define Terms – GUI, DDE, OLE.
  o Desktop and Desktop Items
  o Arranging Desktop and Task Bar Items.
  o START Button and its items.
  o Using and manipulating My Documents Folder.
  o Control Panel and its items.
  o Creating Files under different in-built Applications.
  o Creating Shortcut to Applications.
  o Create, Save, Find, Open, Close, Copy Move, Rename, Delete Files and Folders.
  o Running DOS Commands from Windows Environment.
  o Recycle Bin – Use, Cleanup and setting up Properties.
  o Items under My Computer – Interchanging Drives and viewing Disk Status.
  o Formatting, Diskcopy and making a System Floppy Disk.
  o Windows Explorer – File Manipulation with Explorer.
  o Apply OLE and DDE features under Windows Environment.
  o Introduction to System Tools – Scandisk, Defragmentation etc.
  o Printing Under Windows Environment.
  o Proper Shut Down Procedure for Windows.

4. Microsoft Word
  o Creating  and Editing Word Documents.
  o Formatting Documents
  o Working with Tabs, Tables and Columnar Text.
  o Working with Headers and Footers, Adding Page Numbers & Footnotes.
  o Working with Drawing Tools, Clip Pictures.
  o Coreating and Modifying Templates.
  o Applying Mail Merge Procedure.
  o Creating Charts.
  o Spelling & Grammar, Document Protection, Options – Under Tools Menu.
  o Creating Macro.
  o Manipulation of Multiple Word  Document in a Session.
  o Page Setup, Print setup and Printing.
5. Desk Top Publishing - PageMaker
  o Introduction to Desktop Publishing Technology.
  o Introducing PageMaker.
  o Design and Typography
  o Manipulating Text.
  o Working with Graphics
  o Basic Layout Techniques
  o Using Color
  o Designing Advertisements
  o Designing Brochures
  o Designing Newsletters
  o Porepress Techniques

6. Desk Top Publishing - CorelDraw
  o Introduction to CorelDraw Screen.
  o Manipulating Text
  o Using Graphics in CorelDraw

7. Desk Top Publishing - PhotoShop
  o Tools
  o Pallets
  o Layer Concept
  o Layer Masking
  o Channel  Concept
  o Channel Masking
  o Image Adjustment
  o Importing Files from other Applications
  o Color Adjustment
  o Transformation
  o Concept about History, Action, Character and Path
  o Concept about Swatches, Gradient and Patterns
  o Image Editing
  o Retouching & Detouching
  o Drawing & Painting
  o Virtual Creativity
  o Filters
  o Plugins Filters (KPT3, KPT5, KPT6, EyeCandy)
  o Special Effects
  o Web Supportable still graphics
  o Web Supportable Animated Graphics
  o Texture Mapping
  o Exporting Graphics for other Application