Certificate in Microprocessor & PC Hardware Maintenance

    o Duration: 140 Hours
    o Course Fee : Rs. 8000/- (Rs.4000/- + Rs. 2000 x 2) + Tax
    o Eligibility : 10 Passed/ Appeared, Practical Electronics Knowledge
    o Course Conents inf brief : Digital Electronics, Microprocessor & Supporting circuits, Computer Fundamentals & OS, PC-Assembling & Maintenance, HW & SW Troubleshooting.

Course Details:

1. Digital Electronics
  a. Binary number system
  b. Logic Gates
  c. Addition & Subtraction  circuits
  d. Multiplexer ,De-multiplexer & Decoder
  e. Flip-flops
  f. Registers
  g. Counters

2. Microprocessor & Motherboard
  a. Microprocessor & its Architecture (8259 (PIC), 8255 (PPI), 8284 (Clock Generator), 8288 (Bus Controller), 8237 (DMA), 8253 (PIT)
  b. Overview of Microprocessor families (Intel, AMD & Cyrix)
  c. CPU Architecture
  d. Buses, Registers, Different Controllers
  e. Memory slots (EDO, SD RAM, DDR RAM, RD RAM)
  f. Expansion slots ( ISA, EISA, VESA, PCI & AGP Slots)

3. Working principle of Secondary Storage Devices (FDD, HDD & Optical Discs)

4. Understanding Motherboard BIOS Setup
  a. BIOS, POST.
  b. CMOS, CMOS Setup & Bootstrap Loader

5. Hard Disk initialization
  a. HDD types ( IDE, SCSI)
  b. Partitioning HDD
  c. Formatting HDD
  d. Recovery of HDD partitions

6. Installation of O.S. & Device Drivers
  a. Windows 98 , Windows 2000 & Windows XP
  b. Linux
  c. Prepare PC for Multiboot option

7. Internet & Fax
  a. Modem ( Internal & External) Installation
  b. Configure for Internet Connection through Dial-up and Broadband
  c. Configuring Outlook Express
  d. Internet Connection Sharing
  e. Using PC as a Fax Machine

8. Configure systems for Video Conferencing

9. Printer Installation
  a. DMP, DeskJet, LaserJet Installation
  b. Sharing Printer on LAN
  c. Troubleshoot general printer faults

10. Data Backup
  a. Backup data on CD
  b. Backup data on HDD & Pen Drive

11. PC Assembling
  a. Identification of different devices – SMPS (AT / ATX), Cabinet, Motherboard, FDD, HDD, CD-ROM & CD-RW, Keyboard, Mouse, Ports (COM, LPT, USB), Sound Card, Display Card (VGA / AGP), Web Cam, LAN Card
  b. Assembling PC (Celeron, P-III & P-4 System)

12. Periodic Maintenance
  a. Scandisk
  b. Defragmentation of HDD
  c. Removing temporary files
  d. Virus Handling using Anti-virus packages

13. Troubleshooting
  a. Keyboard & Mouse faults
  b. O.S. related problems
  c. CMOS Setup related problems
  d. Memory Management in DOS & Windows  (using CONFIG.SYS & AUTOEXEC.BAT)
  e. Problems related to FDD ,HDD & CD-ROM