Web Enabled Software Development

Tender Invitation Notice No.: WIL:WAD:01:2014-15, Date: 03/11/2014

M/s Webel Informatics Limited is inviting proposal from prospective bidders for ‘Development of Web Enabled Application’ for the Office of the Legal Remembrancer, Govt. of West Bengal. A brief description of the job is given below-
Before submitting Bid one should read the Subject Matter and Scope of Work as stated below-
Scope of work:  Development of an Online Application module for Computerisation of Bill Processing and Fund Monitoring System for the office of the Legal Remembrancer, Govt. of West Bengal.
System Overview: Office of the Legal Remembrancer is responsible for releasing payment to Learned Advocate General, Govt. of West Bengal / Govt. Pleader / Public Prosecutor / State Panel Advocates who are engaged by Legal Remembrancer for legal help and in prosecution. Advocates of different grade are working in different Court Platform and after attending the hearing or rendering any service they are submitting their claims. The LR Office, after processing, releases their payment through Pay and Accounts subject to allocation of fund in accordance with the Annual Budget.
Training: Operational Training is to be given to the users of the Application in the office of the Legal Remembrancer.
Manual: User Operational Manual is to be provided to the users of the Department. 
Interested bidders should submit their bid within 10.11.2014. The lowest bidder will get the opportunity for Development of Web enabled Application’
The offer shall be in a sealed envelope addressed to “M/s Webel Informatics Ltd., 225F, A.J.C Bose Road, Kolkata-700 020” super scribed “Offer for Tender Invitation No. WIL:WAD:01:2014-15. Not to open before 10.11.2014”.
WIL Management reserves the right to cancel the tender, if necessary without assigning any reason.