Project Oriented Training

We provide below trainings targetted to practical implementations (Projects):

Projects using Database
1. Training and Minor Project using Database
2. Training and Major Project using Database
3. Database Programming with Visual Basic
4. PPLSQL : Project in PL/SQL
5. PDBP : Project in Database Programming

Projects on Electronics
1. PE : Project in Electronics

Projects on Multimedia
1. P3DA : Project in Architechtural Walkthrough with the help of 3D Animation.

Projects on OS & Networking
1. Linux WebSite Administration with Minor Project
2. Linux WebSite Administration with Major Project
3. Networking with Minor Project
4. Networking with Major Project
5. Windows Administration with Minor Project
6. Windows Administration with Minor Project
7. PNWS : Project in Networking with Windows Server
8. PLWA : Project in Linux Website Administration
9. PLOS : Project in Linux Operating System
10. PDCN : Project in Data Communication and Networking

Projects using Programming
1. Visual Basic .Net
2. C# .Net with Minor Project
3. C# .Net with Major Project
4. Advanced Java
5. LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) with Minor Project
6. LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) with Major Project

7. PDNVB : Project in DotNET ( using VB.Net)
8. PDNCS : Project in DotNET ( using C#)
9. PAJ : Project in Advanced Java
10. PPHP : Project in PHP [LAMP Minor]
11. PWS : Project in Web Scripting