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RHCSA & RHCE Global Course Start Dates:

 RedHat Certified Training Partner Webel Informatics Ltd.

a. Morning Batch : 8am-11am [Admission Open]

b. Morning Batch : Mon(10AM-1PM), Thu(10AM-1PM) [Few seats available, Admission Open]

c. Day Batch (Mon-Thu) : 11am-2pm  [Admission Open]

d. Day Batch (Wed) : 1:00pm - 6:00pm   [Admission Open]

e. Day Batch (Tue & Fri) : 2pm-5pm   [Admission Open],

f. Evening batch (Tue-Thu) : [6pm-9pm] [Admission Closed] Started

g. Evening batch (Mon-Fri) : [6pm-9pm] [Batch Full, Admission Closed]

Weekend Batches

h. Saturday ONLY : [10am-5pm]   [Admission Open] From Dec 2014.

i. Sunday ONLY : [10am-5pm]  [Admission Open] From Nov 2014.


CCNA Global Starting Dates:

 CISCO Networking Academy Webel Informatics Ltd.

a. Morning [Mon-Wed] :  [8:30am-11:30am]

b. Day Batch [Tue-Thu] : [2pm-5pm] [Started]

c. Evening [Wed-Fri] : [5:30pm-8:30pm] [Start Soon]

d. Evening [Tue-Thu] : [5:30pm-8:30pm] [Closed] 

e. Saturday Only : 10:00AM to 5:00PM  [Admission Open]  [From Dec 2014]

f. Sunday Only :   10:30am to 5:30pm   [From Dec 2014]

g. Sunday Only : 7:30am to 1:30pm   [From Dec 2014]

h. Sunday Only :  1:30am to 6:30pm   [From Dec 2014] 

Linux Shell/Perl/Python Sript Course Starting  Date:  

a.  Each Sunday [3 pm-6 pm] [Started] [Admission Open]

Advanced Perl Course Starting Date:

a. October 2014.